the tigers have found me

nevermind me.
you know, some people never go crazy.
me, sometimes i'll lie down behind the couch for 3 or 4 days.
just for fun.
true story.

...thats beeing said i wish my waaay better half a happy freakin bday!
i love you.honestly.daily.hard.whole.and more.

i wear: sheer white dress: american apparel, nude one shoulder dress: american apparel, trench: zara, sweats: h&m, shoesies: jeffrey campbell


Niviarsiaq said...

love the sweatpants look!! you are rocking that lipstick, what kind is it?

Taylor Sterling said...

You just made those sweat pants so stylish! I love the hair and make up too! Fabulous!

leflassh. said...

fantastic photos, i love the outfit. the sweat pants look super chic on you, i need some now! gorgeous lady!

Jazzi M said...

you look so amazing!

A+A said...

your hair looks so amazing! :) great pics!

adrienne said...

love the tops together, looks like some sort of wrapping/draping effect!! well i adore everything actually.

E said...

I love these photos you've been taking against the white background lately. Makes me wish I could achieve the same effect at home, though I'm not sure...

Marina said...

really cool look :)
love the top

Amanda said...

great styling- def. inspiring me to stop wearing black from head to toe every. single. day.

Davina said...

Love this series! Your red lips are perfect against the simple color palette!

Silentyellows said...

This outfit is really great. i love the ssweat pant and what you did with bith dresses

Valencia Lia said...

You look so so beautiful girl !! Love love the trench coat look with also the layering with the 2 dresses <3 <3

I thought it was just one dress in all. hahaha And those sweat pants do look comfy to wear !

You' really an inspiration to me :)

June Paski said...

love ur oufits, everything are perfect esp ur pants and tops!


Jacqueline said...

Love the layering of the dresses. Great inspiration for me =) Thank you!


thatsorad said...

I prefure behind the dresser. less cobwebs.


You can even make sweats so hot and stylish! Big ups for that! Love your style! And your haird is to die for!!

Jenny said...

sweat pants with shoes are so perfect
xoxo from France

kathrynsky said...

hach... liebe von hier zu dir :)

PUNKIE said...

and wow again!
I should admit that I adore the way you wear light colors!

Rina said...

love your outfit!

WildFlower said...

So clean & vibrant..just found your blog and Im so glad I did coz you are rockin it! Smart move with the pants...photos look amazing! Hope you and your man enjoyed celebrating his bday.

10.15, saturday night said...

loveee the shoes and the trench, you look amazing!


Maria said...

I have that one shoulder nude dress and I NEVER would have styled it so brilliantly. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Maria x

Anonymous said...

you look awesome and pretty!

Jenny Cindy said...

This is absolutely fabulous! I love the light colors on you. It looks so chic even though you're wearing sweats. LOVE this.

And congrats to your boy ^o^

Ashley said...

I love how you've layered the one shouldered dress over the sheer dress.


styledigger said...

Greatest shoes I've ever seen, I just love them! And the whole outfit is just amazing, I'm speachless.

Karen said...

LOVE! I wore the EXACT same AA dresses together but in black.

Don't you LOVE that sheer dress???

I really like the white version and wearing its as a top instead.

ps. we have the same shoes too!

Karen x


~itsme~ said...

Love your shoes and your shirt! awesome!


Leni said...

In next life we will be lovers.

I like to stay under my bed on Sundays. Good times.

Faridah said...

Gosh the last set of images with this gorgeous white light are amazing. You look perfect! And sweats have never looked so freakin' hot! x

cupcake♥trash said...

I am really digging the layering of the dresses.


assonnata said...

how do you do that that you make sweat pants look stylish? great look!

CMA said...

MAD SUBLIME perfection
gorgeous in every way
love the shapes from head to toe

check out my blog @

beba, said...

Wow, those pants looks so stylish with that combination, great job!
I'm first time at your blog and gotta say that is awesome!

Peace and love!

cheddah said...

i love the sweat pant look!

A.n.E said...

love the styling. all of it! good to see another one cherishing the side plait!

Anonymous said...

greeeeetings from Finland!
just have to say that u look like blonde Kat von D ;---)
love ur style.

Maria @ Chicisimo said...

beautiful, love the tops. awesome hairstyle as well.

Shini said...

Loving the style of photos you have going on here, the grey on grey on white on RED is so good. And of course your A.Wangish side braids, so suits you. but wait, what did I hear, IT'S SNOWING IN VIENNA?

Karoline said...

It is so nice to see anyone else but me wearing sweat pants to high heels for a change:) I LOVE that look!
And happy bday for your better half:P!

Taryn Andre said...

wow, never really thought it was possible to make sweat pants look so chic. Amazing.

moded'amour said...

beautiful, i love every piece of this outfit!


Carissa said...

dang! you look absolutely gorgeous and edgy! I really love your style! nice shooes :D


you truly look amazing. i love your hair color & those red lips!!!

love, dayna

DukeandLarn said...

Love love the styling, very clever.



sexyinthecity said...

Love the whole outfit!
the dress is amazing and the red lips looks great on you!

Nicha said...

LOVE the sweatpant look!

Dane said...

Ah yes the sweats are amazing with the shoes.


Raez said...

ooh lala. only you could rock sweat pants as glamourously as you do! love this look:)

xx raez

reckless daughter said...

I love the way you layer things! that's gorgeous!

Marta said...

This is great ! :)

Anne said...

Whoa, gorgeous shoes :D Perfect match to the gorgeous shirt.

Tiffany Marie said...

OMG your outfit looks so effortless and comfy I give this two MUAHs and a double look


cocorosa said...

wow wow wow wow wow
love love love love love

you know,
your the shit, I love every freakin' thing you do!


Lala Lopez said...

loved the sweatpants touch

May Kasahara said...

damn girl - you look GOOOOOOD.
pale neutrals and greys look awesome on you ///

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

omfg, amazing outfit. great blog, fantastic looks. great photos. wtf one of the best blogs I have come across in a long time!

Nathalie said...

oh yes, casual chic!

Podszewka said...

the best of ...u look amazing ;-)))))))

caylee said...

the way that you layered these dresses is just INCREDIBLE!
plus, paired with sweatpants...this is just too good.

abutterflybyday said...

Great look! love the sweatpants and that beautiful shirt and jacket combo.
And I have to say I love the greys and whites together ,very pretty.


em said...

i love your looks

No victims, No fashion said...

I really love your blog, but this outfit fits great on you!!!

And your leopard shorts??? WHOAW, AMAZING!
xo xo

michelle_ said...

you have d best selection of shoes ! can i steal of them ??? ;)

Glisters & Blisters .

sa said...


The Fashion Cloud said...

Love the whole outfit and the touch of red is simply perfect



genaxx/ said...

you killed it.
this is absolutely freaking amazing.
just found you i believe i'll be back!

Enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris said...

C'est vraiment impressionnant tes cheveux blancs avec ce rouge à lèvres si éclatant super look vraiment


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